Our Devo/XC Ski Team has something for everyone! From never-ever skiers to lifelong lovers of the sport ages 6-19, the goal of Devo and XC Ski Team is fun! This game-based program teaches skiing through games and drills designed to teach classic and skate technique. The focus isn’t on racing, but Devo and XC participants are welcome to race in the Wasatch Citizens Series.
Ages6 – 19
Years in Sport 0 – 10
💪 Training focus Play-based outdoor recreation, introduction to skiing, balance, weight shift, introduction to skating, classic technique
🏆 Competition Games and some local races, fun races
🎿 Equipment 1 pair classic skis, 1 pair skate skis, combi-style boots, 1 pair of poles for both techniques
🏃 Complementary Sports Play many complementary sports
 ☀️ SeasonWinter

Program Dates/Times 2020-2021

Devo: January 5th – March 4th, Tuesdays/Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:45 PM, Mountain Dell
XC: January 5th – March 4th, Tuesdays/Thursdays, 4:15 – 5:45 PM, Mountain Dell

More Information

Limited rental equipment and uniforms are available for this program. You’ll receive more information when you sign up.
EQUIPMENT UPDATE: We want everyone to be able to ski with us this year, but we are already running out of equipment. If you are interested in purchasing for this program, try our local vendors, REIBackcountry.comWhite Pine Touring, and Wasatch Touring. Tiny skis and boots are hard to find, but sell well at the swap.

Older, advanced skiers should consider the XC Team.

DEVO Details

The TUNA Devo Ski Team is for skiers ages 6-13, as well as 5-year-olds with previous experience with cross-country skiing and cold weather.  Practices are generally held at Mtn. Dell, however, due to variable snow conditions this is subject to change  

This program is open to any level of skier, and it is recommended that skiers who wish to join Junior Comp or Comp spend at lease one year in DEVO to learn the necessary skills. The emphasis is on fun, learning ski skills, and developing a life long interest in x-c skiing. Skiers are grouped based on age.

For more details, contact Jen Zurick at jen.zurick@utahnordic.org

Age Groups

U8– 5,6,7 year-olds
U10– 8, 9 year-olds
U12– 10, 11 year-olds
U14– 12, 13 year-olds
Based on their age on Dec 31st prior to the start of the program for the year. 


Cross country mountain biking, cross country running…why not Cross Country Skiing?  

The XC-Team is designed to provide an outdoor, fun, and fast paced cross-training option.  It is for recreational skiers from ages 13 to 18 with a broad range of skiing experience.  Should the athlete wish to try Nordic ski racing, support is provided.

The XC-Team meets at Mountain Dell Golf Course on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.  While there is a one day a week option, to really learn and enjoy cross country skiing, two days a week is ideal.  High school students can petition for Lifetime Activities P.E. credit through their Salt Lake District high school.

For more details, contact Steve Cook at tunacoach@utahnordic.org

Age Groups

U16– 14, 15 year-olds
U18– 16, 17 year-olds


TUNA runs on volunteers. We will ask each parent to volunteer during the DEVO program. No skiing experience is necessary, but it’s a huge plus! Contact Kyler to volunteer: kyler.rendle@utahnordic.org