Our Junior Comp Ski Team introduces competition to skiers aged 8-13. Games, some structured workouts, ski-specific conditioning, and racing in this program prepares young athletes for the Comp Team.
Ages10 – 14
Years in Sport3 – 8
💪 Training focus Outdoor recreation, weight transfer, technique-specific drills, speed, general endurance, body-weight strength training
🏆 Competition Games, local races, JNQ races for older/mature athletes
🎿 Equipment 1 pair classic skis, 1 pair skate skis, combi-style boots or one pair for each technique, 1 pair classic poles, 1 pair skate poles
🏃 Complementary Sports Play sports off-season
 ☀️ Season Winter, some year-round dryland training

2020-2021 Dates:

Fall Dryland: Sep 10, 2020 to Nov 19, 2020
4:00-6:00 PM (Mon, Tues, Thur)

West Camp: Nov. 25th to Nov. 29th
Winter: Nov. 30th to Mar. 4th


Junior Comp is for the Devo graduate who is ready to start racing. The focus will still be on games and activities that teach balance, agility, and foundational techniques.

Junior Comp is not a beginner program, so for a skier in this age group who has no prior Nordic skiing experience, the program recommended is the DEVO Team.

Volunteer Information

TUNA is an all-volunteer organization, is continually in need of volunteers, and requests that the parents or guardians of each participant perform a certain amount of service hours at TUNA sponsored events or functions.

For skiers in the Comp/Jr. Comp program, TUNA requires 15 hours of volunteer service plus one 3 1/2  hour shift of greeting and pass sales at Mountain Dell per enrolled athlete.

We would highly encourage parents to consider taking on another greeting shift as Mountain Dell daily pass sales are vital to the health of TUNA Jr. Programs and the organization as a whole. Extra greeting shifts can be credited against needed volunteer hours.

TUNA parent volunteer guidelines and opportunities can be found here: utahnordic.org/volunteer

After the volunteer service is complete, a request may be sent to Eric Swanson.  Please indicate name, list dates or function, # of hours worked (totaling 15 hours /athlete), date of Mtn. Dell greeting shift and the deposit will be refunded if all requirements have been met.


For more information, contact: tunacoach@utahnordic.com