Intro to Rollerskiing!


Intro to Rollerskiing!

Have you always wanted to practice your ski skills in the summer, but rollerskiing seems a little intimidating? Join Jen Santoro and ease into rollerskiing the fun way! We’ll spend 2 hours getting started on roller skis, from some balance and introductory games in the lot, to a bit of skiing out on the loop—and we will ease into it, don’t worry!

Jen is a USSA Level 200 coach with 12 years of rollerskiing under her belt. True story: she was also terrified to ski any of the hills in Sugarhouse Park at one time. There’s hope for all!

Date and Time: Once everyone registers, we’ll find a date and time that works for everyone
Level: If there is a wide range of ability, we will pull in an extra coach
Skis: We’ll try skate, and if you don’t have your own, we have some you can borrow
Location: Sugarhouse Park, Duck Pond Lot
Price: $50

2 hours

Contact: Jen Santoro





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