Comp Summer Ski Training – Base Program


Comp Summer Ski Training – Base Program

Who: Comp athletes, ages 14 – 19 (or who will be 14 by Dec 31, 2023)

When: May 2 – October 5

Where: Salt Lake and surrounding areas

Why: To build skiers for next winter, and to create a team community for ALL athletes and their families

Days: Mon/Wed/Thu and some Sundays

Add-ons: There will be four camps and a strength component that are optional add-ons for skiers in the program (scroll for dates and details).

Features: Year-long training plan integrated with other sports, on-site, in-person, individual coaching, video analysis, whole-athlete focused, adventures, fun! Athletes will meet with Coach Julia to form a plan for summer training, then meet 3 – 4 times per week for in-person coaching.

Skiers are Made in the Summer

There is a saying that “skiers are made in the summer.” Most of the conditioning skiers gain during the year is between May and October—and that’s many more months than the race season. With all the sports and activities out there, today’s teens are busy year-round.

Integrated with Other Sports

This program will integrate other sports training (mountain bike and running especially) to take care not to duplicate those hours. At the same time, it will focus on the critical ski-specific conditioning that can leave winter-only skiers feeling like their fitness or skill could be better. We will focus on the aspects of ski fitness that are not covered in running and mountain bike riding for those who are training for other sports.

Individual Plan

It begins with an individual plan for each athlete. This plan will include individual goals and self-tracking so that skiers will take ownership of their progress. Coaches will work together with the entire team (other sports coaches, parents, and skiers) to create a plan that works for their schedule and the days they are choosing ski practice.

Team Plan

While skiing is largely an individual sport, there is a large part of success in skiing that comes out of being part of a cohesive team. That will be a top goal for this year: creating a team that can rely on each other, push each other, support each other. We’re better together. It can be tricky to integrate everyone’s training plans. With excellent planning, the coaches will find ways to differentiate each day in a way that challenges every child, while leaving nobody behind.

The Focus is on Fun

Most of all, the focus will be on working together in a group to build a team who help each other achieve their individual and team goals. The emphasis is on how all of this work can be fun when it’s done well, and that’s the plan.


Julia Richter – Head Coach

Julia joined us for the 2022-23 winter season as Head Coach. She’s a NCAA champion, former German National Team athlete, and U of U Ski Team alumni. Julia holds both USSA L100 and high-level German coaching certifications and is focused on making ski training effective and fun, while avoiding athlete burnout.

Additional Support:

Pete Vordenberg – Programs Advisor

After his own two appearances at the Olympics in Nordic skiing, racing on the World Cup, and a NCAA championship, Pete coached the US National Team for ten years. He was instrumental in building the staff at USSA who are currently having the most success in the history of the sport in our country. Pete is passionate about skiing and creating new skiers and is now committed to helping the TUNA Comp and Junior Comp team grow and improve. Pete is a USSA Level 400 Certified coach and is volunteering his time to this program.

Jen Santoro – Programs Administrator

Jen is a former internationally competitive road and cyclocrosser, representing the US in the road and cyclocross World Cups at the elite level. After retirement she taught secondary mathematics for ten years in grades 7 – 12. As a skier, she won a Masters World age group championship in Nordic skiing in 2018 and multiple age group national championships. She has been coaching with TUNA youth programs for six years. Jen is a USSA Level 200 Certified coach.


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Additional Programs


June 22nd – 25th – fun filled swim and bike in and around SLC

July 20th – 23th – fun filled climb and hike in and around SLC

August 24th-27th – long hikes and rollerski in the Uintas (endurance and technique focus)

Strength Training

Add-on strength plan with Art O’Connor including 1 in-person day and “homework” that is integrated into the ski plan