Junior Comp Winter Program


Why the price increase?

Our Junior Comp Winter program used to begin in December. It now begins in mid-October. The program is now an additional six weeks long.

You’ll get $250 back when you volunteer 15 hours for TUNA and complete a greeter shift at Mountain Dell.

Volunteer information here.

Part Time (2 days per week): $880*
Full Time (3 days per week): $1,080*
Age Group: Middle School, ages 11 – 14 with prior ski experience.
Active Dates: October 17 – March 3rd
Schedule: 4:15 – 6:15 PM (Mon, Tue, Thu)
Location: Mountain Dell
Contact: tunacoach@utahnordic.org

YOU MUST BE A TUNA MEMBER: We’re sorry for the inconvenience. Please join TUNA and once that transaction is registered (completed and payment fulfilled), come back and pay for this program.

*Prices include a $250 Volunteer Deposit. Families who volunteer 15 hours will receive this back at the end of the season. For more information, see Volunteer Deposit/Refund below or click, here.

*Please remember to sign our waiver  – see the tab that says, “Sign Our Waiver” at the bottom of the screen. Please sign a waiver for every participant.
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The Junior Competition Ski Team is a part of The Utah Nordic Alliance’s racing program and is open to middle school kids from 11-14. It is for those skiers with an interest in developing their skiing skills through formal ski training and games that emphasize the fundamentals of balance, technique, strength and endurance – geared towards athletes who are anticipating participating in cross country ski racing. Skiers younger than 11 years-old will be asked to register for the Devo Team, which is the appropriate developmental program for children under 11.

Skiers should be proficient in both classic and skating techniques.  Athletes are encouraged to sign up for the 3 day/week program, however we also offer a 2 day/week program for those with other commitments.  Jr. Comp athletes are also encouraged to race at Wasatch Citizens Series races and IMD Series races.

This includes coming prepared with the correct equipment, and a positive attitude. During the season, athletes are expected to race one JNQ and most of the Wasatch Citizens Series races.  Although two pair of ski boots (one classic and one skate) is recommended, one good pair of combi boots will work and one pair of classic skis and one pair of skate skis and poles are required.

The Jr. Comp teams meet Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 4:15-5:45 pm primarily at Mtn. Dell, but also at other venues in the Salt Lake Valley and Park City.

Volunteer Deposit/Refund

TUNA is an all-volunteer organization, is continually in need of volunteers, and requests that the parents or guardians of each participant perform a certain amount of service hours at TUNA sponsored events or functions.

For skiers in the Comp/Jr. Comp program, you will receive a $250 refund if you complete 15 hours of volunteer service plus one 3 1/2  hour shift of greeting and pass sales at Mountain Dell per enrolled athlete. We will have many more volunteer opportunities open for 2022-2023.

At the conclusion of the season, parents who complete the 15 hours will be given a refund of $250 from the cost of the program.

We would highly encourage parents to consider taking on another greeting shift as Mountain Dell daily pass sales are vital to the health of TUNA Jr. Programs and the organization as a whole. Extra greeting shifts can be credited against needed volunteer hours.

Volunteer refund procedure: After completing volunteer hours for the season, submit your hours to tunacoach@utahnordic.org no later than June 25th following the ski season.

Additional volunteer information, here.


Contact: tunacoach@utahnordic.org

COVID-19 Information

TUNA plans to proceed with caution this year again.

Do not bring your child to the program session if your child:

  • Has a positive COVID test

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