White Pine

More of the same but changes on the horizon. the 3k is wonderful skiing. just be aware of thin spots and a bit of ice near the pine trees.

Remember to encourage the Park City Council to return the Thaynes Canyon Parking area. You can’t take away a 30 year solution and not offer an alternative. They are meeting Dec 8th on this topic. Who would think that a handful of parking spaces for cross country skiers would be the most consuming issue in the entire town… You can find their contact information online if you wish.

White Pine

Maybe a change in the air? A little warmer this morning with a chance of snow later today. Fingers crossed. 3k is still pretty good, but the warm temps are not friendly. We hope you’ve enjoyed the early season opening. We have!

Please carpool, take transit, walk, bike or hoverboard in. Stay tuned for additional actions you may be able to take to help ensure that Thaynes Canyon parking will return for the season. Don’t let them take away a solution without another effective solution in place.

White Pine

Not much to report. 3k is still hoping strong, but the rest definitely needs a touch of snow. Ski with awareness. Come in to check out the new gear (we have your size) and go for a ski! Please carpool, walk, take the bus, skateboard, cycle etc. Anything to ease the parking until we get Thaynes Canyon back. Fingers crossed it will get approved by the Park City Council on December 8th. Please feel free to contact the Mayor’s office or the Park City Council if you have an opinion on the year-round 30 year use of the off street parking on Thaynes Canyon Drive. We believe that it is the best and safest solution for ALL of our customers and programs.

White Pine

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WE WILL BE CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY. Please ski with care if you do, but the shop will be closed and our employees will be seeing their families and friends. Today the official snow total is “skiff” No significant change in conditions with clouds and temperatures near freezing. 5k is not groomed, ski at your own risk with some route finding skills required. 3k is holding up fairly well considering the last few warm days. Ski with awareness and you’ll be fine. watch for grass and leaves in some areas of the classic track. Stay on the snow and you’ll be fine.

Please carpool, use transit, walk, bike or ski to the Nordic Center. The PC Council will be voting on the ability to use the Thaynes Canyon parking on December 8th. Please let your opinion be known to the Council and Mayor. We are hoping that simple, clear signage will be sufficient to manage the parking if the Council votes to approve it. The posted hours will be enforced by the PC Police. If everyone cooperates and follows the rules, we can move on with the skiing part of our lives.

Stay safe and have fun with our early season snow!


Groomed upper Spruces loops today. Unfortunately, am suspending lower loop grooming until we get more snow. Too many rocks and such. Upper loops are still covered pretty well. Have fun!

Soldier Hollow

Continued great skiing on increasing amounts of immaculate manmade snow. About 2.5k so far. Test out those nicest skis! Hours 8-2 for season pass holders. Come buy yours and immediately ski. https://utaholympiclegacy.org/grooming-report-ski-conditions/

White Pine

Very cold morning again. Conditions similar to the last few days. Ski with caution and watch for unmarked hazards and thin spots. If it looks like grass or dirt, it is.

Please carpool, use transit, walk or bike. If all goes well, we will have additional parking back before Christmas. We will be closed on Thanksgiving day.

3k and 5k are open

White Pine

Opening weekend. 3k and 5k open. Cold early, warming later. Be aware of thin conditions and unmarked hazards.

NO PARKING ON THAYNES CANYON DRIVE UNTIL THE PARK CITY COUNCIL DETERMINES THE FATE OF THE OFF-STREET PARKING. It has been in use for 30 years and we are hoping to get it back. Feel free to contact members of the Park City Council and Mayors Office if you are in favor of a quick resolution to the parking issue. They will have another chance to approve the latest plan on Dec 8th.


It’s great to be skiing again!