Soldier Hollow

If it seems like winter is over it is NOT DONE for season pass holders! We have groomed perhaps half the time this month when overnight lows are sufficiently cold (40F with clear skies; colder with clouds). The past couple of days have been amazing and it looks like tomorrow April 28 we are likely to groom maybe 6k. The weekend forecast is a bit toasty but we are hoping to offer groomed skiing on May 1 for perhaps the first time ever!! Now you can bask in the satisfaction of holding a season pass this season (or wish you had) and buy next year’s season pass, which is good from May 1 to April 30, 2023, to cover your summer trail needs and next season’s skiing. The opportune time to show up varies from 730am to 10am depending on the freeze and the skies. The lodge is closed so no day tickets or rentals. Season passes can be purchased online.

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Grooming has ended after 44 days this season. There is a ton of snow after the scant amounts in the first quarter mile. You will see mud slides above the restroom and below Affleck Park. If you venture beyond the first switchback, be cautious not to get taken out by one on a warm day. A section of road near MM7 (~1/3 mile above the second switchback) was taken out in a slide that hit the bottom of the canyon (summer trail above first switchback) in the late 70’s. This could easily be such a year. Stay safe, have fun and see you next season.

Solitude Nordic

Good morning. It is 20°F/-7°C at 0810. All trails groomed for classic and skate skiing and conditions are excellent. This is our last day of grooming the Solitude Nordic Center Trails this season. Thanks everyone!

Solitude Nordic

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All trails groomed for skate and classic. 18° at 8:30am, high of 25°.
Our last day of grooming will be this Sunday the 23rd. Come on up and close out a terrific nordic season with one last lap on our trails!


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Groomed for skate to the first switchback. Classic set to the implement area and looks stellar. Should be “just right” mid-morning. Caution advised at the mild crest several hundred yards from the gate. Otherwise, lots of snow up there. Check out the landslides just below Affleck and enjoy what will likely be the last groom of the season.


Grooming at Spruces has now concluded for the season. It was an epic year. If you enjoyed the ski trail or have comments, email me at Have a good spring!


LAST DAY AT SPRUCES. We had a skiff of snow, groomed surprising well. Upper and lower loops groomed. I will be out with a table n the practice loop today with coffee and bagels. Stop by and have a bite. Please note, I have taken the signs and maps down for the year.