THANK YOU SHOVELERS!! Thanks to everyone who came out today to shovel snow onto the thin spots. The Upper Loop is now 100% snow covered – no pavement showing! Get out there guys while the snow lasts! On the north side of the upper loop, take the “Larch Tree” cutoff to avoid the thin spot there. Did I mention I set classic track as well? Yes! Classic all around the upper loop – but be a bit careful – in one spot, the setter got away from me and the track makes a funny squiggle – oops. Just a reminder, the lower loop is no longer groomed – but I did groom the practice loop and the pavilion loops. Great skiing, I groomed in a t-shirt. The only question is: are you tough enough to ski slush?


We groomed today – well, we skuffed up the ice as best we could and got a little corduroy down. There might be some snowmobile tracks leftover. Should be nice skiing as the snow warms up. We are done grooming the lower loop for the year – but we’ll be grooming the upper loop for another week or so! If you’d like to help out, we have a volunteer day tomorrow, 4/3, at 8:00am to shovel snow onto the thin spots of the upper loop! This might let us get another week or two out of the season. Please bring your own mask and gloves if you do come. I am planning to groom next week, 4/6 and 4/9, and then probably calling it quits for the season. Thanks!

White Pine

No fooling. We are now closed for the season. We’re making preparations to loan the ski trails to the gold course for the off season. Crust skiing and track skiing were so good yesterday. You missed out if you didn’t come by. Thank you everyone for all of your support this season. Thank you for wearing your masks and helping us stay open and healthy all season. Thank you for purchasing and displaying your trail passes and for helping us keep the ski trails in great shape for skiers.

We’ll see you out on the other trails this summer! Stay safe, stay healthy and we’ll see you in November!

Solitude Nordic

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The track is great for skating today. Classic tracks were set, but harder to set than usual because of lack of new snow. Conditions should be very similar to yesterday in the morning, then warming up slightly above freezing in the afternoon. Skiing should be great until early to mid afternoon, so enjoy these decent conditions before it warm up for good. Forecast for next week shows high temps starting this afternoon and on.

White Pine

A Tale of Two Seasons (every day lately!) It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. A great healthy season and the end of the season..

Conditions all day yesterday were best described as “sporty” Ice and solid surface all day.

This morning is such the same early on the 3k and Armstrong pasture. We’ve scratched up the surface for skating. Recommending crust skiing early, on the track later. No new classic set, but by afternoon the ice should quickly turn into slush for you classic cruising. There will be some good skating from late morning but it is what it is for the final day of our season. Last chance to load up on anything you need to finish off the season. We’ll be packing the gear, parts and waxes up first thing tomorrow. Next week the golf course folks will be doing a lot of work out on the course so maybe head to higher elevation or very early morning cruising at the base of PCMR (get out of there by 8:30)

We’ll see you out on the trails the afternoon!

Stay safe everyone!


Wow icy icy icy this morning! Groomed as best I could, and set some pretty marginal classic track. We will be grooming for 2 more weeks and then calling it quits for the season. If you would like to help make Spruces last a bit longer, we have a volunteer day this Saturday at 8am! Meet at the main Spruces parking lot to help shovel snow onto the thin parts of the upper track. Bring your own facemask, gloves, and warm clothes. Thanks!

White Pine

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The season finale countdown. We won’t leave you with a cliffhanger. the 3k and Armstrong will be groomed for skate today. Very icy and hard track morning due to the very cold overnight temperatures. Conditions should be much more fun late morning with the sun hitting the surface. crust skiing is very very good this morning. The Farm is finished from a grooming standpoint, the trail is marked closed. The crust skiing should be great there most of the day if you’re feeling adventurous. Crust skiing on the 3k or the outer edges of the 5k might be a great activity! accessing the 5k fingers might be difficult with the ramping up of construction of the water plant and ponds. Use caution and watch where you’re going please.

Tomorrow is it for the season. If you get a chance, drop in and tell the staff Thank you. It has been quite a covid winter and we’ve been open every single day since Thanksgiving week (not all of them for skiing early on….) Get your skis in today for storage wax or repairs so that you can pick them up tomorrow.

Stay safe, finish the season with panache and we’ll see you out on the trails!

White Pine

Hard to say… 50 degrees at 8:00 am with an icy crust on top. We’ve scratched up the 3k for skating, doing the same on the Farm. The 60 degrees did no favors for the trails yesterday. Some disconnects showing up on the Farm, but crust cruising should be great in the pasture and along the open areas. Not sure how long the crust will hold so time it right. It is supposed to get colder as the day goes on so maybe we’ll make it until Wednesday. Today could be the last groom on the Farm. At a certain point you just have to channel your inner Disney princess and “let it go”

Ski with caution and watch where you are going. Mid day should be best, but no guarantees with the weather like this. Get your skis in no later than TOMORROW for storage wax so you can pick them up Wednesday. After that we’ll have to leave them in the parking lot for the summer.

Thank you all for your on going support and we’ll see you out on the trails. (While they last)

Solitude Nordic

Beautiful skiing today at SNC! Snow tilled up nicely again and for this time of year, with these warm temperatures, we are truly lucky to have such excellent snow to ski on. All trails groomed for classic and skating.

Solitude Nordic

The snow tilled up nicely this morning. Get it early until the sun starts to effect the trails. Good hard- wax classic on most trails, especially the Redmans- but get it early. All trails groomed for skating and classic.
16°F this morning at Solitude Base Area.

White Pine

SPF100 today Afternoon temperatures in the mid 50’s. The 5k is finished, just the practice area and a small loop left of okay skiing. The 3k and Armstrong are full on Spring with an icy crust this morning, great skiing mid morning until early afternoon, then mush. The Farm is skiing great, but the ribbon of white is going to be the dominant visual later today. PLEASE purchase and display your pass – we are checking and everyone was so nice about it yesterday.

If you don’t have a pass, drop some money in the box by the gate. It’s good for your soul to pay for what you use.

Don’t tell anyone, but the crust skiing has been incredible in the mornings… The story is, if you want to ski, get here! If you’re done, drop off your skis no later than Tuesday for storage wax or drop in the shop to pick up some wax if you’re doing your own. We will be closed for the season as of 6pm Wednesday.

Stay safe, stay healthy, mask up, ski aware of high contrast areas on the trails and Thank you for being wonderful customers!

Deer Hollow Winter Recreation Area

The Deer Hollow trails, about 20 Km, were groomed today by two of our all-star grooming crew! They reported that 2-3 inches of new snowfall came down today, with another couple of inches forecasted. There is still plenty of snow on the mountain as we transition into spring. We plan to groom for the next 2-3 weekends conditions permitting. The area has some 3-5 feet of snow cover now.