TUNA’s Family Learn-to-ski is a collaboration between new skiers and their families. The emphasis is on outdoor recreation, with parents being integral in the process. By including the whole family, this program teaches caregivers how to play on skis with their children. The emphasis in this program is on play and games and learning how to “be” on skis. Skiers who are 6-8 with no experience will also enjoy this program.
Ages4 – 8, Pre-K/K
Years in Sport0 – 2 (older, experienced skiers should consider Devo)
Training focusPlay-based outdoor recreation, introduction to skiing, balance, moving around on skis
CompetitionOnly games
Equipment 1 pair of waxless classic skis, ski boots
Complimentary Activities Other sports and balance-related activities

2024 Dates/Times

Sundays, January 7- January 28, 1:00pm – 2:00pm


This program is for young skiers age 4-8 years old and takes place on Sundays in January. The program meets at Mountain Dell Golf Course in Parleys Canyon. Sessions are scheduled from 1:00-2:00 p.m. with the exception of the first session when parents and children are asked to arrive by 12:30 p.m. so they can find their class and meet their instructors.

Each session consists of ski games and activities (relay races, treasure hunts, obstacle courses) that introduce children to skiing and basic ski techniques, with an emphasis on FUN and lots of parent participation. The goal of this program is to teach the whole family how to go Nordic skiing together in and out of class.

Adult Participation

Learn-to-ski is a volunteer-run program for very young children. Each child must have a parent or caregiver on-snow at the venue to assist. Parents/caregivers are invited and encouraged to join on skis if possible.

Group Leaders

This program is modeled after the Bill Koch League programs across the US. It runs with a coordinator and parent volunteers who lead small groups through activities that are provided by the coordinator. Many of our best coaches in the DEVO program started by volunteering with LTS and then moved along with their own kids. Please consider helping to lead a group—the more group leaders, the smaller and more effective the groups can be! You don’t need to BE Bill Koch to be a great group leader. You just have to be able to be on skis and explain activities to a small group of kids and their parents.

Clothing and Equipment

Children should be dressed for winter play including hats and warm gloves appropriate for the temperature of the day. Children also need to come with ski equipment. No-wax classic skis (not skate skis) with boots are required. Poles are not used in this class. Please avoid using strap-on skis.

Equipment Purchase

If you’re looking for your own equipment, here are some reputable shops who carry Nordic skis and boots. REI has had rental gear for little kids in the past.

REI , Gear West, Wasatch Touring, Amazon, The House, Ski Rack

You need to have: 1 pair classic no-wax skis, boots.