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Creating an Account

Welcome to the brand-new TUNA Website!

Even if you’re a longtime member, we’ll need you to create a fresh account on our new website. It’s fine if you’d like to use your old login and password, but you’ll need to create that on the new site.

  1. Click “Login” from the menu and if you’re new to this website, use “register”
  2. Pick a user name, enter email, and choose a password
  3. Purchase your TUNA Membership. Then you’re all set!

Forgot your Password?

If you have already created a new login for this website, click the “forgot password” link on the Login Page.

IMPORTANT: If you haven’t created a new registration on this new page, then the lost password finder won’t work – the old site is not connected to this one. We’re very sorry, but the old website doesn’t allow transferring passwords for security, and that’s a good thing!

How our New Website Works

The Wide World of the World Wide Web can confuse even the most shrewd skiers. Here’s the lowdown:

Logged Out Users

If you just got here, you can browse the website as you wish. You won’t be able to buy anything, and discounts won’t show up.

Logged in Users

As soon as you create a login and password, you’ll be able to purchase TUNA memberships and Mountain Dell Passes.

TUNA Members

Once you add a TUNA Membership to your cart, you’re now eligible for some discounts and privileges.

-Individual members may purchase one discounted trail pass to Mountain Dell and sign up for programs for themself.

-Family members may purchase trails passes to Mountain Dell for anyone in their home and may sign up for programs for anyone in the family, including kids.


For further help if things aren’t working how you’d expect, contact: