Ages6 – 12
Years in Sport0 – 10
School GradeK – 6th
Training focusAgility, balance, coordination, classic and skate technique, games, recreational skiing
CompetitionThe focus is on our mission and vision to create lifelong lovers of the outdoors and the sport of recreational skiing. The focus of this program is not competition, but DEVO skiers are automatically registered and welcomed to try racing in the WCS races.
EquipmentClassic and skate skis, combi boots, poles. Season rentals available on first-come, first-served basis.
Complementary SportsPlay complementary sports
SeasonFall and Winter

Seasonal Programs

Summer Program: Mountain bike camps

Fall Program: 2 days per week of dryland in September-October

Fall Training Camp: West Yellowstone at Thanksgiving – groups will organize for fun skis!

Winter Program: 1-2 days per week of practice that includes games, relays, adventure skis, and fun.

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Parent Volunteers – Learn to Ski with Devo!

TUNA is an all-volunteer organization continually in need of volunteers. For Devo we ask each parent to volunteer for three (3) sessions. For those who ski, helping with a group (your child’s or another) is an excellent way to perfect your skiing. New skiers who wish to volunteer are invited to “coaches training” to learn and improve ski skills. For those who don’t ski, we have many ways to help with the program.