Appropriate Conduct

TUNA hires coaches who are excited to share their knowledge of skiing with others. Those coaches work hard to provide a safe and positive environment for athletes, parents, participants, volunteers, and other coaches. At any time, if someone is detracting from the safe and positive environment, they may be asked to leave an event or program.

Read the Parent-Athlete Handbook, here.

Expectations in our programs are as follows:

1.     I will follow the coach’s directions the first time I am asked.

2.    I will comply with current masking rules set by TUNA for youth programs.

3.    I will comply with current social distancing rules set by TUNA for youth programs.

4.    I will remain with my assigned group at all times unless dismissed to a parent/guardian. That means I must be where the coach asks me to be.

5.    I will choose appropriate speech and actions. Positive language, personal space, and appropriate comments only. That means no unkind or hurtful words or actions towards other skiers.

6.    I will participate in organized activities to the best of my ability. If I choose not to participate, I will politely ask the coach to be dismissed with my parent/guardian.

7.     If I have concerns about another person’s conduct I will tell my coach or another safe adult.

8.     I understand that if I do not follow this code, there will be consequences which could include not being allowed to participate in the program. 

Consequences for repeated violations:

First infraction: Specific verbal warning.

Second infraction: Call home and removal from program for that day.

Third infraction: Parent, child, and coach will sign Athlete Behavior Contract and parent/guardian will attend practice with the child for a prescribed number of sessions.

Fourth infraction: If contract isn’t met, student will be removed from the program for the year.

In the case of severe behavior that puts others at risk or violates the SafeSport Code, the skier may be asked to sign a Behavior Contract, or if serious enough, be removed from the program immediately.