Our mission is to create the process and the pathway that challenges each skier to grow to their fullest potential, both in competitive Nordic skiing and the lifelong love of outdoor sport.


  • There is a place in the program for everyone
  • Entry for skiers, youth, parent, and adults can happen at any age
  • Skiers must be engaged and challenged at a level appropriate for their skill and interest level with interconnected programming for youth, adults, and families
  • We promote ethics, equality, and SafeSport
  • We coach the person
  • Provide vision and opportunity
  • Athletes should be challenged to grow outside the sport
  • Athletes shall mentor and be mentored as part of something bigger than themselves

Programs for All Ages


Family Learn-To-Ski is the entry point for skiers from 4 to 8 and their families. Everyone participates in learning and growing in skiing in this program.

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Elementary School

Devo Team is for skiers of all levels who are in grades K – 5, and ages 6 – 11. Experienced and qualified coaches will challenge small groups of children organized by age and ability.

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Middle School

There are multiple options for children in grades 6 – 8, at ages 11 – 14. New skiers can learn, experienced skiers can train, ski, and race.

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High School

High school students in grades 9 – 12 at ages 14 – 19 can learn, ski for fun, or train for Junior Nationals through multiple programs.

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