White Pine

Thank you everyone for being part of this incredible ski season! You are the best group of friends, ski enthusiasts, community members and customers that any business could ever hope for. We’re looking forward to seeing you out and about in the off season. Drop in the shop to thank the staff for all of the hard work it has taken to keep the trails open and beautiful this year.

Sometimes you just have to say, “until we meet again” We started with anticipation and innocent belief in November. We did a tremendous amount of work to put us in position for a joyful and satisfying season. We submitted to the comings and goings of the storms and have now reached the point where it’s time to tie up the equipment, empty out the shop and wistfully reminisce about 131 days on snow and spreading the love in our wonderful community. For now, the all-electric snowcat will be at the Farm, but the grooming will be extremely limited. Skiing will not be great today. It will be better to hop off the trail and on to the crust. The e-cat spent the night plugged in and charging for the day and it will be leaving, temporarily we hope. Our final day of the season and it is a beautiful spring morning! 131/131 days on snow for the season. A warm spring morning to welcome our final day on snow this season! Very warm sun today will make for a mixed ski day. The infinite mysteries of ski wax and spring weather….

3k and Armstrong will be groomed for skate and classic. Pay attention while you’re skiing. Skating will be firm and fast early and should hold through mid-morning. There are more icy/thin spots lurking in exposed areas, near the ponds and under the trees. Ski with awareness and caution. Skating and Classic skiing will be okay for April and you should find a sweet little window of fun today. Great ski time will be from 9:00-11:00 today. Red or violet wax and structure, then yellow, then storage wax.

Please be mindful and ski within your abilities. Come play outside then glide into the shop to say hello and check out our amazing shrinking ski wall. Clearance continues for 7 more hours on our the remaining clothes, skis and poles. Have a joy-filled sunny ski day, focus on taking care of the important bits and bindings. Keep an eye out for bunnies and birds cavorting in the sun. Thank you for all the love and support you’ve shared this season to the 48 Nordic Center staff. See you out on the trails!

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