White Pine

Snowy morning! About 3 inches of fresh snow this morning, expected moderate snow most of the day. Classic skiing will be so so good, skate lanes will be a little soft through the day but the high moisture snow should be great fun if your wax and structure are on point (we can help with that) Temperatures around freezing today, so skin skis might be the ticket for a long cruise. Grooming focus will be on the 3 and 5k loops. The farm will be groomed early, but expect variable conditions depending on the snow and wind. Skiing should be quite fun today and remember if you turn off the video and mute audio, no one else on the Zoom call will know where you are.

Thank you for purchasing and displaying your trail pass! Please gently remind walkers, runners, fat bikers, locals, wannabe locals and visitors that the trails are a fee area for skiing. We got a one star review on Google yesterday because someone was rude on the trail. If your experience was better, please feel free to give us a review. Of course we’re always here for questions, answers, gear, repairs and just to chat. Be safe and have a great ski day!

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