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There is some groomed nordic track in Salt Lake County. The Forest Service is working on a new track at the Spruces campground in Big Cottonwood Canyon. We sledpacked and dragged much of it on Thursday, and I skied it today. It is rough, but it is better than nothing.

Eventually there should be about 5k of groomed track. For now, there are bare spots and some very thin spots. I was able to skate some loops and some out-and-back without taking off skis or skiing across bare pavement. I also classic skied on the shorter western part of the track, but that required removing skis and walking two or three times.

To get to the best offerings, look for two white barricades at the northeast end of the parking lot. Walk past those, put skis on and head east. The first right and then left will keep you off pavement. Most of the good stuff is farther east (up canyon).

No classic track set yet, and almost all of the surface has asphalt underneath, so be very careful about thin spots. You should be able to see them coming. Snowmobile ski ruts and tread marks, so it is far from ideal, but it mostly is corduroy. The first 50 meters are bumpy and rough. It gets better.

Rock skis only, and no dogs. This is watershed.

Worth checking out. It should get much better after more snow arrives.

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