White Pine

Beautiful blue wax morning! Classic skiing should be incredible again today. Easy cruising. All trails groomed and set. A little snow expected through the day but that’s okay with us. Thank you for purchasing AND displaying your trail pass while skiing. We are out checking every day now. If we can see your pass, we won’t stop you to ask if you have one. The 20k Farm race is Saturday morning so the Farm will be closed for the race until mid-day. Dave Hanscom will be presiding over his final race as Race Director of the WCS. There will be a very brief presentation between the kids race and the adults race so plan on socially distancing for a bit. Parking and portable toilets will be at St. Mary’s. We will not be inside this year. As always please remind any dog owners or walkers that you encounter on the trails that Basin Trails and Round Valley are excellent places for those activities.

Stay safe, stay healthy and get outside!

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