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Grooming report for Thursday night by Hammer and Havy
Festus was in sunny San Jose getting a good dose of Vitamin D so my fellow Idaho native Havy was kind enough to lend a hand last night grooming . We used Red with the ginzu and Rocky with old yeller and set classic on main and mitten. Then parked old yeller and attached ginzu to Rocky and wiped out the classic on Lower. Figured with new snow coming today, we would get a good level base for the next shift to set classic after the snow. We did re-set classic on Lower around Cullens. Re-set classic on Creek, shoveled a bare spot at bottom of lower turn, and groomed WC with both rigs. Groomed the remaining trails for skate. All the equipment was fine and no Idaho engineering was required. Left MD at 10 PM at 14 degrees.

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