White Pine

We’d have a pond skimming contest, but the ponds are drained for the water treatment plant project… Skiing has been exceptionally good despite the heat. Everything groomed this morning, 5k, 3k, Armstrong, Connector and Farm. Good skating early with red wax and STRUCTURE, classic should be great later as things get softer in the wind. Skin skis might be your best bet unless you want to get those klister skis out.

Please purchase and display your pass while skiing. Yesterday we had an employee physically and verbally assaulted by a (now former) season pass holder while out checking passes on the 3k. This is not acceptable behavior. The person was a Park City resident… The White Pine ski trails are for paying customers and part of that legal agreement is that you display your pass and act appropriately while on the trails. Things were calmer after the police left, but really people? It’s just skiing…. settle down. We’ve worked so hard this year to keep the trails and the Nordic Center open. It’s very demoralizing to the staff to be attacked for doing their jobs so you can come out and play.

Please encourage walkers and dog owners to visit Round Valley or the Basin Trails. The post hole problem is real in these soft conditions and makes for difficult grooming and less than ideal conditions for skiers.

Remain calm, its just skiing. Stay safe and see you out on the trails! (with your passes please)

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