White Pine

Variable Conditions might be the best description today. 60+ degrees yesterday, just below freezing and snowing this morning. Ski with caution, we still have full coverage on every trail but the tree rings and traditional spots are thinning and narrowing after a week of crazy heat. All trails are groomed with the snowmobile to rough up the surface, but expect a very very firm track in the morning through midday with just a very light dusting of fresh snow this morning. Maybe some more snow later? Every bit helps, but cooler temperatures are helping more.

Please purchase and display your pass while skiing. Your support is always appreciated and we love to see so many season pass holders out every day! Help us remind Hotel Park CIty guests that there is excellent dog walking, trail walking and sledding available around the area. Not on the White Pine Touring ski track though.. .. If you are skiing the farm, please remember to drop your trail fees in the box if you’re not already wearing your trail pass.

Ski with care and stay healthy! the sale is coming soon… Stay tuned

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