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A bit longer than average post in order to help make informed decisions on skiing tomorrow morning.

I groomed for skate to Big Mountain Pass late this afternoon. The NWS point forecast for the reservoir is 26 degrees tonight with a dusting of snow. Nobody had destroyed the groom when I left around 6 p.m., so with a little luck, it ought to ski well in the morning.

Several caveats: There’s a good 300’ of walking to get to the first skiable snow. It’s very thin, and likely a tip-toe affair even with the freeze. Then there’s a short section requiring a walk. Snow is then continuous a couple hundred yards before the little dip-curve-climb at around the first mile (MM4), but there’s a short section of thin snow at the top of that tiny climb. It’s then good to the restroom. A maintenance pickup drove to the Affleck gate and left deep ruts. I was able to fill them fairly well, but they’re there. Finally, it’s very thin at Windy Corner (2nd switchback) where with wind sweeps the snow on the left and drifts it on the right.

Despite all those caveats, the corduroy looked good enough that I plan to sample it first thing in the morning. The walking and caution will be rewarded with a nice final ski this season.


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