White Pine

Beautiful morning!!! about an inch of fresh snow. new classic tracks set on the 3k and 5k and Armstrong. Farm should be amazing later. Things are holding up fairly well. Hopefully the 5k will make it through to the colder weather this weekend. 3k is so good! Construction area is a bit of a mess so use caution. Red/Yellow wax today as it warms up. Skiing should be great through early afternoon with the moderate temperatures. A couple from out of town and numerous dog walkers postholed almost the entire classic and skate track on the 5 k late yesterday, but Lou has reset as much as possible this morning. Ski with caution, rewax and structure your skis!!!

Please help us save the tracks for as long as we can by reminding visitors, dog walkers and locals and new locals to go elsewhere.. Round Valley and Basin Rec trails come to mind…

only one set of poles left on the wall and 5 skate skis ~105 pounds so if your of that stature or know someone who is, get in to the shop. Lots of waxes on sale too! The person who buys the last set of skis off the wall will get a special prize!

Stay safe, Stay healthy and get out to ski today! Conditions are so very good

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