White Pine

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Another day of extreme Spring! Icy this morning, great crust cruising until maybe 10:30 am if the track doesn’t make you smile early. Sweet spot on the trails will be 11 wish until about 2:30 or so. Warm wax and structure once the sun starts to soften things up. The 5k has a few detours and many thin spots so ski with caution and keep your head up. Maybe another day on it? 3k has some thin spots and some also on the Farm in the usual areas. Have fun and ski attentively. Our days may be numbered if the cooler air doesn’t get here soon. We’ll try to stay open as long as we can provide a good ski experience for you.

Thank you season pass holders for your support and to everyone who proudly purchases and displays their trail pass! This stuff doesn’t come cheap and we truly appreciate your support.

Remind the dog walkers, walkers and visitors that the grooming they are walking on is what you are paying to ski on… Excellent hiking and dog walking on the Basin Trails and Round Valley!

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