White Pine

Another very warm Spring day. The 5k is closed and done. The only way that will change is if we get a huge storm this weekend and it stays cool. so…..

The 3k, Armstrong and the Farm are holding up okay. Skiing has actually been pretty darn good given the conditions. the trails have been holding well until about 2. Warm this morning so red wax moving to yellow. Bring your skis in and we’ll structure them for five bucks while you wait. You may want to think about bringing in your skis for storage wax it you’re starting to wind down. Beat the rush! We’re hoping to make it until the end of the month, but most of that is out of our control.

there are three more skate skis on the wall. all weighted ~100 pounds. If there is someone in your life that needs a great pair of Rossi premiums at a great price, you know where to find us.

Thank you season pass holders and trail pass purchasers for your ongoing support. We couldn’t do it without you!

Stay safe and healthy!

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