White Pine

Monday Monday – so good to us. Very cold this morning, warming up a bit midday then snow tonight. The 3k, Armstrong and the Farm are groomed. Please ski with caution, there are icy patches here and there from all the moisture of the weekend. Hard fast track for skating early, really good classic should crop up after 10:30 or so. Did we mention ski with awareness and caution? It is a beautiful day so take advantage. We may not be open after next weekend so get here and ski!

trail passes remain discounted to the PM rate all day and if you’re in the mood for a refresher lesson, we have a couple of slots still available this week.

Help us remind walkers and dog owners that the ski trails are for skiing and skiers who pay. There are great locations very nearby for those activities! Another customer relayed that they had been verbally abused on the farm by a man running his dog on the trail…. Whatever happened to peace, love and understanding? Thank you for your ongoing support and stay safe out there!

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