White Pine

Well, another day of pretty darn good skiing at WPT coming up. The 5k is thin with some areas requiring attentiveness and caution, we’ll see how long it holds. 3k still has a few of those icy spots so be careful out there. We’re re-grooming the Farm and Armstrong again today. Trying to smooth out the damage the skijorer did yesterday in the soft track…. it should be very good from late morning to early afternoon. Please purchase and display your pass or drop a few bucks into the fee box on the Farm. This doesn’t come for free and having to make multiple grooming passes to restore the track is a huge effort for the groomers. Thank you to those of you who attempted to remind the person (and the runner, and the walkers) that the ski trails are for paying skiers in the winter. WIth round valley reopened for a bit, there is no reason to not go there for your multi use pursuits…

Stay safe, mask up and go ski! It won’t last much longer!

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