White Pine

Still hanging on! Someone called to complain that the grooming report “never changes” Respectfully disagreeing,, it is common for skiing conditions to be stable for days at a time. Its really our of our control in regard to the weather. Having said that, we are hanging on. Lots of caution needed on the 5k, the farm and everywhere in between. Spring conditions rule the day with a hard track early and holding steady all day. Cloud cover should keep too much melting at bay until the snow arrives later this afternoon. refreshed surfaces and tracks were left in overnight. classic skiing should be good from mid morning on. Skating should be changing but good all day.

SKI WITH CAUTION! there are grassy and pavement areas coming through as well as the usual icy patches in Spring. Be careful and have fun.

Remember to purchase and display your pass! and remind walker, film crews, skijorers, runners and dog owners that the ski trail are for paying skiers. Please.

this next storm will help determine if we’ll be open after Sunday. Bring in your skis for storage wax now if you’re done. We may not be here next week.

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