White Pine

a few inches of fresh snow overnight. Should be a great day for skiing! also a great day for wax and structure…. 3k, Armstrong and Farm should be very good with the white cover but still ski with caution as there are thin and icy spots around. The 5k is covered, but very thin with grass and pavement lurking below the surface in a few areas. you can still pick your way past the construction and get to really good skiing out on the fingers and hills. Closing day will be coming soon, so get here and ski.

Thank you for purchasing and displaying your trail pass! If you’ve been poaching the Farm all season or running or walking your dog on the ski trails, it might be a good karmic time to drop some wads of cash into the fee box at the gate. But that’s between you and your conscience. I’m not sure of the drive-up confessional at St. Mary’s is still there.

Stay safe, ski safe and have a beautiful day! We’ll see you out on the trails!

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