White Pine

the end is near… But today should be a fantastic SPF70+ day! the 5k described with compassion is “discontinuous” in places. if you ski it, please use caution and note the high contrast sections where white turns into black pavement or brown grass. Glide is very poor over those section. The 3k should be spectacular most of the day until it turns into a slush fest in the afternoon. Be cautious around the couple of narrow, thin or icy spots in a few of the turns. Armstrong and the Farm will be very very good, but as always this time of year, pay attention to where you are going.

Please purchase and display your pass – poaching has been on the rise this week.

Our final day of grooming and having the shop open will be Wednesday March 31st. if you need storage wax, get your skis in no later than Tuesday! If you need to buy wax, get in now to get what you need. we’ll be packing things out Thursday morning to help get ready for the off-season golf use of the ski trails. Stop in and say Hi and thank the WPT staff for managing to stay healthy and open this season. We’ve worked incredibly hard so that you can enjoy your skiing. A little love goes a long way.

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