White Pine

SPF100 today Afternoon temperatures in the mid 50’s. The 5k is finished, just the practice area and a small loop left of okay skiing. The 3k and Armstrong are full on Spring with an icy crust this morning, great skiing mid morning until early afternoon, then mush. The Farm is skiing great, but the ribbon of white is going to be the dominant visual later today. PLEASE purchase and display your pass – we are checking and everyone was so nice about it yesterday.

If you don’t have a pass, drop some money in the box by the gate. It’s good for your soul to pay for what you use.

Don’t tell anyone, but the crust skiing has been incredible in the mornings… The story is, if you want to ski, get here! If you’re done, drop off your skis no later than Tuesday for storage wax or drop in the shop to pick up some wax if you’re doing your own. We will be closed for the season as of 6pm Wednesday.

Stay safe, stay healthy, mask up, ski aware of high contrast areas on the trails and Thank you for being wonderful customers!

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