White Pine

Looking at another spring skiing day. Coverage is holding well, but very cold overnight again. Warming quickly through the day so the sweet spot will probably be in the 11 to 1 range. Very firm track in the morning with a few icy spots from the daily freeze thaw cycle. All 20+km 0f trails groomed this morning after a huge ski day yesterday. If you are a beginner we recommend skiing at brunch time rather than first thing. Please remember MASKS MUST BE WORN AT ALL TIMES INDOORS AT THE NORDIC CENTER. and to the guy who pulled his shirt up to cover his mouth and over-shared his belly…. definitely not a mask. We are trying to stay open and healthy. Please help us.

Plan your carpool now for the WCS race on Saturday. Parking will be tight as always and the neighbor is still very engaged in his efforts. Please park safely and legally and do not block roads or driveways.

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