White Pine

not very cold overnight and warm during the day. All trails are roughed up and groomed with shallow track set as we are able. Best classic skiing will be the 3k and the Farm. Crust and icy patches early, icy, shadows, soft and slushy patches later. More spring skiing is the forecast unless tonight’s snow happens. Snow is getting dirty so fresh wax and structure will give you rewards.

We still urge you to wear a mask while indoors at the Nordic Center. We want to help you and ourselves stay healthy. If you dont purchase and display your trail pass, please drop some money in the fee box at the Farm. Poaching is poor form and is not just illegal, it shows you don’t value our hard work to keep trails open for you. Help us remind walkers and pet owners of great places to go that aren’t the ski trails.

Stay safe and have fun out there!

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