White Pine

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! We’ll be seeing more green (grass) appearing around the track today. Definitely Spring skiing. Crust cruising might be your best bet early. The track is roughed up but very icy underneath from yesterday’s continued warm temperatures. Best skiing will be starting around 10 or so as things start to soften. Too icy to reset classic early, but we’ll try later. Things will go to mush later in the afternoon so hit that skiing before 3. Watch for icy patches, grass, cart paths, unmarked hazards, geese and various other seasonal afflictions. It is that time of the year. Skiing is excellent in most places but getting sketchy in those sun exposed areas. Choose your path carefully grasshopper. And structure your skis or have us do it!

Sale continues, still a few classic and skate deals around but don’t wait too long. Stay safe and ski aware.

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