White Pine

Another scrunchy Spring ski day. Icy early, nice in the middle and slushy late. We set new classic track late yesterday and it was promptly skated over leaving deep ruts that froze overnight. You’re welcome. We’ll try to smooth them out this morning. Hotel guests and condo residents have been using the 5k as an adventure park every night so ski with caution and help us remind them that the ski trail is for skiing, for people who pay for the privilege, it’s not a public park.

Rant over, it’ll be a beautiful spring day, wait until after 10 and come ski your heart out until about 2. After that, please classic. Early crust cruising will be fantastic, but it may break apart earlier than yesterday given the temperatures. Still a couple of really nice demo skis on the wall and three pair of used rental skis. Things are disappearing and we’re planning to stick it out as long as we can. The clock is ticking though. Drop in and say Hi! It’s been a great season so far.

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