White Pine

The end is getting closer.. A beautiful spring morning with a frozen and icy track early. New classic was set late yesterday and it is rock solid this morning along with the deep skate ruts from people who decided “Classic Ski After 3” wasn’t for them. Surface dragging this morning will crumble things up and as the day warms skiing will be quite good again by mid-day. Not quite as warm today so it’ll take a bit more time to soften up. Crust cruising should be great in the morning. If you are a timid or cautious skier, have a second cup of coffee and drop in at 11. We’ll be announcing closed dates soon, but if you want to ski the 5k one more time with your skis on the whole way, you’d better be here in the next couple of days. We have just a couple of really nice high performance demos left on the wall.. You shouldn’t miss the opportunity for these. Bring your skis in for storage wax sooner rather than later.

Ski safe everyone!

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