White Pine

The end is near… Heat wave is here. We’ll try to hold on until Sunday for the 3k. Icy early with some very spicy patches to watch out for. 5k is closed and not groomed. ski at your own risk. Farm is posted closed and not groomed. Unmarked hazards will crop up quickly. Ski at your own risk. Crust skiing will be good but breaking up earlier with each day. Best skiing mid-day before it goes to mush and ice mix. Store will close for the season at 5:00pm Sunday 3/27. Get your skis in for summer wax now! It’s been a non-stop Nordic adventure season and we appreciate all of you and your on going support of this locally owned business. White Pine has been in business for 50 years and we thank yo for being a part of it.

Ski safe and we’ll see you at Solitude Nordic next week!

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