White Pine

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WE WILL BE CLOSED THANKSGIVING DAY. Please ski with care if you do, but the shop will be closed and our employees will be seeing their families and friends. Today the official snow total is “skiff” No significant change in conditions with clouds and temperatures near freezing. 5k is not groomed, ski at your own risk with some route finding skills required. 3k is holding up fairly well considering the last few warm days. Ski with awareness and you’ll be fine. watch for grass and leaves in some areas of the classic track. Stay on the snow and you’ll be fine.

Please carpool, use transit, walk, bike or ski to the Nordic Center. The PC Council will be voting on the ability to use the Thaynes Canyon parking on December 8th. Please let your opinion be known to the Council and Mayor. We are hoping that simple, clear signage will be sufficient to manage the parking if the Council votes to approve it. The posted hours will be enforced by the PC Police. If everyone cooperates and follows the rules, we can move on with the skiing part of our lives.

Stay safe and have fun with our early season snow!

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