White Pine

Fresh snow overnight! a couple of inches to make things even better than yesterday! 3k, 5k and Armstrong groomed and ready for you. Be sure to have your wax ready as it warms up a little this afternoon. maybe into the red range mid-day.

Please attend the Park City Council meeting tonight either in person or online. The Thaynes Canyon parking is up for either approval or denial tonight and your support of all of our communities is much appreciated. The proposal is on the Council website, but basically calls for dedicated spaces for para-skier and 15 carpool parking spots along Thaynes Canyon Drive that will help immensely with overflow and youth programs. Our neighbor will be fighting a personal agenda against the golf course and the Nordic Center and any support you can offer will be of help. The meeting starts at 5:30, plan on arriving about 6 and we are last on the agenda with public comment accepted during the Thaynes Parking agenda item. Let’s be positive, well mannered and get this compromise in place. Thank you. If you arrive early you can also ask the council if you can still legally access the nordic center or the hotel during certain hours with the new right turn restriction signs the city put up this week.

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