White Pine

well, the was interesting… After a convoluted mess of discussion, we think the Park City Council may have approved some limited parking hours on Thaynes Canyon Drive. We are working with the city to figure out exactly what they meant and will let everyone know when we find out. We’ll try to get the area posted and open as soon as we can. Please continue to carpool and be wary of verbal assaults from the neighbor. Have your phone ready to record your interactions.

Please ignore the “no right turn” sign on Thaynes. It is perfectly legal to access the Hotel and the Nordic Center at all hours to the best of our knowledge.

Oh yeah, skiing. The track is in great shape. 3k, 5k and Armstrong are wonderful skiing. Small chance of snow today as well. We are prepping the Farm for grooming, but please stay off until we post it open. There are unmarked hazards and you don’t want to break a ski or your nose the first month of the season.

Thank you for your support. It has been a very challenging time with politics so far this season and your kind words and efforts are greatly appreciated.

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