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Groomed to Big Mountain pass for skate and classic. It was unseasonably cold in the morning with few folks out. The boiler plate skate lane, even down low, couldn’t be penetrated significantly even using full teeth. However, it groomed nicely to the first switchback. Surprisingly, no snowmobiles or skiers and been to the pass since our last groom when we only made it to the first switchback. However, a large UTV with snow tracks started up the trail as we began to groom. The snow was so hard even down low than it left only superficial tracks. It left deep tracks in the fresh, untracked snow above the first switchback that we were not able to fill very well. I skied to the top after grooming. Super flat and fast to the first switchback, then a major grunt to the top, made more grunty by the UTV tracks. I was the only person to the top by 2 p.m. and then a few more skiers were out on the descent of the upper section. It finally warmed enough to bring out a fair number of folks and make the lower section slow and soft, but the base held firm. Unfortunately, two bozos (apologies to Bozo) on snowmobiles center punched the nice groom. The trail above the first switchback will be even grunty-er, but you’ll likely have the place to yourself, and the moose. Enjoy the biggest season ever in the canyon tomorrow before the next storm arrives.

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