White Pine

Yet another beautiful Winter day! Cold temps and another inch of snow overnight should make for a fun track today for skating. Classic will be fantastic today with fresh tracks and skate will be the best of the last several days. Yesterday was so good, you really missed out if your weren’t able to ski with us. Blue wax in late March still? Yes. Not a lot of snow expected later today, but you never know this season. We’ll be focussed on the 3k, 5k and Armstrong today. We’ll get to the Farm as we can afterwards depending on the breezes and squalls. You can help us stay grooming by purchasing your trail pass… Diesel fuel is still $5 a gallon..

We are still trying to locate the person from the Park Avenue condos who waits until we groom every morning and then takes their dog out to tear up the track. It’s problematic.

Your WCS Season awards and season mugs are available at the White Pine Nordic Center. Check the final points on the WCS page and get in to pick up your hard earned award!

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