White Pine

Winter keeps coming back to the door and demanding to be let in! 3 inches of snow overnight with about the same expected later this afternoon. Fresh groom on all trails will make for fun skiing today. Classic and skate will be great again today potentially a bit sticky with the warmer morning air and wetter snow. Wax up! Red wax today and well waxed classic skis. Ski safe in our final 10 days! We’ll be starting on the 3k, 5k and Armstrong today. We’ll get to the Farm after those are groomed.

Get over here and ski! April 9th will be the end of grooming and the closing of the shop. Please purchase and display your trail pass and use the trails for skiing only. A resident with a $100k electric pickup truck tried to access the trail yesterday. Barely made it off the pavement before it broke through the crust and sank. Your $24 day pass allows you to stay on top of the trail and have a much better afternoon.

Get in to the Nordic Center and claim your WCS season awards! Impress your friends while you humblebrag about your skiing and sip from your WCS insulated mug.

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