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Skate and classic skied very nicely Friday morning from the gate to the bathroom, thanks to a huge effort Thursday and a touch-up Friday morning. Moose cow and calf on track. Do NOT approach them. It has been a hard winter. If they are laying down, don’t make them stand up. Do NOT try to go past them.
Saturday morning the sweet spot might be between 8:30 A.M. and 11 A.M. After that, clouds decrease, temperature rises and the snow will get soft. Unknown variables include the number of people who ski/walk/bike/moto this afternoon and trench it, which will freeze hard overnight, and whether we run a refresher. It has been a long season and we are used up. If you like skiing SR-65, consider a donation to TUNA. Machines, implements, fuel, volunteers, fee to the city, all are 100 percent from TUNA. No TUNA, no groomed track.

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