White Pine

We are open 9-5 daily! About 6 inches of fresh snow and gusty winds this morning. Wind and snow overnight means a little adventurous this morning. We’re grooming the 3k and 5k for skating and will set classic track but the wind may have other ideas unless you come and help ski it in. The dog loop is closed with large amounts of running water but we’ll look at it later to see if coverage has changed. Skating and Classic will be soft all day with dry windblown snow.

Come in and shop for wax and new gear. Red wax today or rub on universal. If your skis are sticking its time to wax or wait until the storm settles and go play in the snow. The shop is open so come pick up your pass and check out all the amazing new gear and clothing. We have boots in your size, for now.

Ski safe, bundle up and be kind. It’s just skiing folks.

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