White Pine

Another sunny and joyful ski day! Let’s try to use kind and patient words out there on the roads and the trails. We are open 9-5 daily with 10km of skiing. Moderate temperatures and sunny today after a very cold night. Skating will fast early. Classic better a bit later after the sun hits the trail a bit. Blue wax early, red wax conditions later. Forecast says it will get just above freezing in the afternoon. Late day skiing might be a bit soft but it stayed fast and firm yesterday with the light cloud cover most of the day.

Remember to ride the bus, micro transit, carpool or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips helps! We’ve groomed the 3k, 5k and Armstrong for skating and classic. The dog loop is not as open-ish. The creek diversion has been fixed so it should continue to dry out except for where the spring is running.

Give the gift of glide this holiday season. Wax cards and all the waxes from basic to race are in the shop. If your skis are slow it’s definitely time to wax and structure. Go play in the snow, spread the Joy! The shop/community center is open so come pick up your pass, say hello and check out all the amazing new gear and clothing.

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