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Happy Solstice! We groomed from the restroom to the pass at sunset. More than trying to present a consumable ski trail tomorrow, the groom was primarily to work on leveling the track for the future; like our big 1-2″ of snow by Saturday night. If interested, walking to the restroom to begin skiing is recommended. It’s almost entirely melted about half way to the restroom. After the road cut and small climb, it’s better and mostly covered to the restroom. However, it’s very thin and skiing with extreme caution recommended. Actually, walking to the restroom is recommended. We did not re-set classic from the restroom to the top since we were trying to level the crummy skate lane. Classic is okay at best toward the restroom and often melted and blown out above the first switchback. The skate lane looked much better when we left well after dark. Watch for thin spots for a while above the second switchback It should re-freeze tonight and be nice in the morning before softening if you’re up for the walk to the restroom.
Do your snow dance, add 1-2′ on your Christmas wish list, or whatever you can think of to get us some white stuff!

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