White Pine

Yikes this weather is causing some stress. Our busy holiday week continues! Come share the Joy of skiing. We are open 9-5 daily. Unseasonably warm today. Ski early then very gently in the afternoon. Very much a repeat of yesterday and the day before and the day before. A cold morning and upper-30’s or warmer this afternoon will make for a spring-like day again. Just a light resurfacing groom this morning and using what is remaining of the established classic track due to thin conditions. It will be firm and fast this morning but softening quickly. We can’t effectively reset classic tracks until we get some more snow. Red wax day. Skating will be good early. Crust cruising will be good this morning but probably not by mid day. Classic is much like yesterday, improving and less icy over the day. We have ~10km of skiing open. Remember to ski with care, those thinning spots, icy spots and exposed areas are rising to the surface. Please ride the bus, micro transit, carpool or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips helps!

We’ve groomed the 3k, 5k and Armstrong. The dog loop is ok-ish, almost completely skiable. Wax cards and all of the waxes from basic to super fast are in the shop. Go play in the snow, share the Joy! Get a jump on your New year’s fitness resolution with the gift of a lesson!

Please wash your car, your windows, do a snow dance. anything! Stay tuned for updates on the WCS race scheduled for the Farm on January 6th…

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