White Pine

Brrrrrr. Cold day today. Funny how normal temperatures feel cold after all the spring skiing we had in December. Bundle up with a buff and your good gloves! Looking like a beautiful partly sunny winter day. We’re able to reset shallow classic in most places and resurfacing the skate deck. The forecast calls for cold through the day with some breezes. Skating will be good but slow with the cold. Classic should be quite good all day. Come share the Joy of skiing. Colder temperatures mean higher performance blue wax and even blue powder should be running well. We are open 9-5 daily.
Please continue to be careful and ski within your abilities. Ski with awareness through the day and into the afternoon. We have 12km of skiing open. Remember to ski with care, those thinning spots, icy spots and exposed areas are below the surface. Please ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips helps! We’ve groomed the 3k, 5k and Armstrong. The dog loop is partially ok-ish. It is tracked out with walkers and flooded/frozen in the lower part. We’ll be taking a look at the farm to plot out a shortened loop. Summer uses created quite a few water challenges we’ll need to work around. Wax cards and all of the waxes from basic to super fast are in the shop. Go play in the new snow, share the Joy and enjoy the day! Get a jump on your New year’s fitness resolutions with the gift of a lesson!

Remember, Bandanas is open late for your apres ski snacks and beverages. Warm up and enjoy the afternoon while you wait for traffic to clear. Or you can sit in traffic and ponder. Ski safe and have great day!

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