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Good day to have an extra waffle and hang out at home a bit longer. We are on it, but it will take a while. As of 7:30 A.M. Sunday, we have a bit more than six inches of very dense snow and more is falling. Winds are gusting in the mid- to upper 30 mph range. Temperature has been warm, in the 33F-35F range all night long. By 11 A.M. wind is expected to slow to around 10 mph and the snowfall rate is expected to decrease but snowfall will continue. By 11 A.M. our goal is to have Main, Mitten and perhaps a bit more groomed for skate and classic. We anticipate having machines on course for much of the day, so be aware and move to the side when encountering groomers. Given the expected continuing snowfall and the 33 degree temperature, it will be a great day for classic on skin skis or fishscales. Enjoy!

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