White Pine

Freeze, melt, repeat. The same conditions as yesterday, but even warmer. All 22km are groomed and open with great skiing. Endless Joyful spring conditions! That means very fast and very firm early crust and getting softer through the day as temperatures climb into the upper 40’s today. Prime skiing will be between 9:30 and about 1:30. Icy before that, softening and some slushy conditions after. Sunny skies predicted today so wear your protection. Warm temperatures yesterday and cold early morning means we’ll have a hard packed surface underneath the fresh crumble. Conditions may get very soft and/or sticky later in the day when the snow transforms.

The 5km, 3km and Armstrong loops will be maintenance groomed first today. The Farm and dog loop will be maintenance groomed next. Watch for elk on the Farm. Give them space and ask them nicely to quit walking on the track. Come share the Joy of skiing! Blue wax early, then Red/purple or maybe even yellow and structure later today. We are open 9-5 daily. Please continue to be careful and ski within your abilities. Ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips helps! Come play in the snow, share the adventures, smile to everyone and enjoy what is shaping up to be another lovely Spring Skiing day!

Get your marathon skis in for waxing early if you want our race service before you head to the big races. Be planning for your Birkie race wax! If you’re waxing your own skis we have all the fastest non-flouro waxes, powders and sprays in stock including Swix Marathon, Swix Top Speed and all three Toko HP Powders!

More great news skiers! Bandanas Cafe at the Hotel Park City across the hall from us is now open until 8pm daily for your after-ski beverages, wine, pizza and pasta. Now you can ski until sundown and then have a relaxing place to snack while you’re waiting for traffic on the highway to thin out! We also have discount coupons for evening dining there!

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