White Pine

If you are visiting this week from out of town, please note that the ski trails are for skiing only. The gentleman from California who thought the trails were a road for driving his rental SUV on was cited for trespass, removed from the trail and paid for the damage. We have photos. Don’t be that person. It’s always something new at the Nordic Center!

Another beautiful sunrise in Park CIty! Happy Valentine’s Day Eve! Chocolate is nice, flowers will fade, but a gift of lifelong healthy activity shared with someone you love lasts. Not quite as cold overnight, it was 20 degrees before sunrise and warming to slightly above freezing today. Come out and play! Great snow, warming temperatures and sunshine early! All trails are open and we’ll be touching up the grooming on all 22km again today. Conditions will be packed powder early and the surface may soften a bit later in the day. Trails will be firm but not icy. We’ll have excellent classic conditions all day on the established track. Skating will be very good and get faster during the day. As the sun comes out it will feel warmer but the trail surface will stay cold all day. Drive with care and patience, walk with care in your ski boots and ski with Joy! Please purchase your pass and wear it. Blue wax for kick and glide today, possibly red later in the day. Please continue to be aware, be careful and ski within your abilities. Ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips helps! Come play in the snow, share the adventure, say hello to your fellow skiers, visit the ducks and have another Joyful ski day!

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